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Battery Charger 02749/1

Battery Charger 02749/1

Battery Charger 02749/1

It is designed to charge from 1 to 10 rechargeable NiMH batteries used in the 35010 Personal Radio without removing them from transceiver/receiver set. The device is powered from the onboard network of DC 12V, 24V or 27V (via 06470 / 1 or 06470 / 1 cord). For using 230V mains it is necessary to apply the 0206/3 power supply unit, which converts the input voltage to 12V which is required for charger operation.

The device consists of 10 independent charging modules equipped with a socket for putting the 35010 Personal Radio and an optical charging indicator. All modules feature a hermetic metal casing and are mounted on a common basis with handles.

Accessories for:

  • 35010 Personal Radio

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