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Comp@n H08

Comp@n H08

Comp@n H08 is SDR (Software Defined Radio) handheld radio, designed at Comp@n hardware platform. W2FH waveform that enables simultaneous transmission of voice and data (serial port data, GPS data, Situation Awareness data) has been implemented. W2FH waveform features synchronization mechanism that do anot require usage of GNSS signal. (e.g. GPS).


  • W2FH (Waveform with Frequency Hopping) – narrow band waveform that allow communication in hopping mode (300 hop/s) or at fixed frequency
  • STANAG 4204 - fixed frequency VHF FM
  • STANAG 4205 - fixed frequency UHF FM/ AM

Projekt i wykonanie: TINKER MEDIA & POTACZEK.PL