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Comp@n SDR platform

Comp@n SDR platform

Radios belong to COMP@N family are made in SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology. The number of waveforms has been implemented that enables smooth transition from classic systems (STANAG 4204  and STANAG 4205), to modern battlefield management systems BMS. BMS IP WF enables integration with IP networks, and simultaneous voice and data transmission. Waveform can be predesigned by Radmor or created according to client demands. Presently, company offers  3 waveforms (H07, H08, H09) and two versions (30-520 MHz, 30-137 MHz). These handheld radios, can be connected to the vehicle adapter and power amplifier to create mobile or stationary radio station.

H07:  AM/FM, 100 hop/s
H08: AM/FM, 300 hop/s
H09:  IP, NBWF

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