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Ceremony to celebrate 20 Years of Cooperation between Radmor and Thales

Ceremony to celebrate 20 Years of Cooperation between Radmor and Thales

On 11th  March 2016, the French Embassy held the 20th  anniversary of the partnership between Radmor and Thales.

At the occasion of this event, the Polish Ministry of Defence, the French Embassy, the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ, Polish Armaments Group) and the two companies have celebrated the delivery by Radmor of the 10 000th  PR4G radio to the Polish users.

Radmor is a company with a long-standing history and excellent traditions, dating back to 1947. Over the years of its existence, the company has rapidly developed, expanding a range of manufactured equipment and services. Radmor is the largest Polish manufacturer of mobile radio VHF FM equipment - offering products both for the civil and military market.

For years, Radmor products have been serving the military around the world. Radio stations from Gdynia are not only used by the Polish Army, but also by armies of other NATO members: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well as by armies of non-European countries. This equipment was used by Polish soldiers on foreign missions in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan, where it passed the baptism of fire and commanded its value in the dynamic environment of the battlefield.

Radmor’s cooperation with Thales began in 1996, when the Polish company signed a cooperation agreement with the French company Thomson, later becoming part of the group Thales. In 1997, the French partner made a transfer of its PR4G radio family technology to Radmor, which equipped the Polish Army in modern tactical wireless communication systems. Eleven years later, in 2007, Thales and Radmor made a technology transfer of the PR4G-Fastnet radio family.

In addition, representatives of both companies announced the availability of Geomux, the latest PR4G networking waveform, to sustain the digitization plans of the Polish Army in the field of C4ISR.

Radmor and Thales participate to the ESSOR (European Secure Software Defined Radio) programme, involving 6 European suppliers who jointly developed a common European standard for SDR platforms and a coalition high data rate networking waveform. In 2015, the first phase was successfully completed thanks in particular to the high level of cooperation between suppliers, in particular Thales and Radmor.

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