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Poland succeed in ESSOOR Programme

Poland succeed in ESSOOR Programme

Interoperability demonstration of HDR waveform performed for NATO nations at RADMOR S.A. in Gdynia (Poland).

The ESSOR (European Secured Software Defined Radio) Programme which has been completed this year is one of the few European defence research and development programs that Poland played important role. Within the frames of this programme software defined radios (SDR) architecture has been developed as well as software which enables broadband transmission of data and voice, so called waveform  ESSOR HDR . Thanks to this full interoperability is provided between SDR radios of different vendors.

Poland is the co-owner of the above mentioned top modern military radio communication technologies.

 At the end of November and the beginning of December 2015, RADMOR S.A. hosted three interoperability demonstrations of ESSOR HDR waveform software which development has been completed within the first phase of ESSOR Progarmme completed in June 2015, and RADMOR played active role as one of the six companies members of this programme. The demonstrations was dedicated for the government officials and industry representatives of NATO nations, and the members of COALWNW programme.  Representatives of United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Netherland and Turkey; representatives of NATO (NHO C3 Staff and NCIA); representatives of OCCAR-EA agency, and nations of COALWNW: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada; as well as the representatives of ESSOR community from Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Poland attended the demonstrations.

Waveform interoperability was demonstrated using scenarios of 6 radio nodes involving 4 different and heterogeneous types of SDR radio platforms from 4 different vendors (Thales, Selex ES, Bittium and RADMOR). Apart from waveform interoperability the most important of its features has been demonstrated:

  • MANET (self organizing network)
  • Synchronization – with every node, with or without GNSS, mixed network
  • Dynamic resource allocation and adaptation to traffic demand
  • Fully secure data transmission(TRANSEC, NETSEC, COMSEC) with red/black separation
  • Support to national data transmission in coalition networks through “end to end” encryption
  • Embedded OTAR/D/Z mechanism allowing remote node exclusion (elimination)
  • Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast with QoS transmission
  • Real-time video streaming
  • VoIP conference (point to point or point-multipoint) including SCIP protocol voice transmission (STANAG 5068, implementation created and developed in RADMOR S.A.)

Performed demonstration presented to the representatives of NATO nations and member of COALWNW programme:

  • ability to obtain of interoperability of different radios of different vendors manufactured basing on SDR technology using the same collectively developed waveform
  • the adequacy of methodology implemented in ESSOR programme to provide waveform portablility
  • high quality of ESSOR HDR waveform proved by parameters achieved during its performance as broadband network medium

It is worth to be mentioned that it was the first time on the world scale that due to collective effort of few companies unusually efficient broadband waveform has been developed and its interoperability, when using few heterogeneous platform of different vendors, has been proved.

Demonstrations of abilities and interoperability of ESSOR HDR waveform in Gdynia are major success of ESSOR Programme, and prove that ESSOR HDR will be an excellent solution for coalition waveform to be implemented on many different platforms of different vendors.

The ESSOR programme success is a success of Poland, as well. It was the first time when our country took part at development of one of the top modern technology worldwide. Thanks to the work of Polish engineers, including IT engineers, Poland is the co-owner of developed technologies.

RADMOR has been Polish member of ESSOR programme, thereby gained know-how and experience in use of implementation of ESSOR HDR waveform as well as SDR platforms. This knowledge and many years of experience in the field of radio communication (RADMOR radio are being used by 16 armies on all over the world), enables us to design and manufacture of our own military radio, providing the highest level of security of transmitted information.

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