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Record of „Gdynia Business Plan”

From the begging RADMOR has been promoting idea of „Gdynia Business Plan”. This year, has taken a place a  9th edition of the „Gdynia Business Plan”, which was organized by the City Hall of Gdynia.  For last three years the sponsored of second prize has been Radmor.

The competition becomes more popular year after year. Every edition more people apply their business ideas. Almost 2,5 thousand of candidates took part at 9th edition of competition for creative entrepreneurs. In this year's edition it was record of people who has competed in this contest. There were 807 candidates, In comparison to last year they were much less - only around 300 candidates. The jury qualified seventeen projects - the best in relation to substantial and having the best chance for realization.
The winner of 9th edition of "Gdynia Business Plan" is Kamil Antkowiak. His project called „Wiatrakowiec” (eng. "Autogyro") assumes production of original aeroplane. It will be an innovative hybrid of plane and helicopter. The most interesting is that this autogiro is adjusted for disabled people. The second prize went to young team of physicists: Mateusz Kuszner, Aleksander Lech, Łukasz Miądowicz and Bartosz Reichel for the project “Around”. Their idea for a business assumes creating a virtual reality of places, objects, products which can be read by electronic devices. The biggest advantage is that this kind of virtual exhibition can be seen at the smartphone’s or tablet’s with “Around” application display. Presentations of different products can be more attractive thanks to this application. Zbigniew Wymysłowski is a third prize winner. His idea is to produce furniture for disabled people.   
The jury awarded the main prizes but also honored interesting projects, for example: a professional soldering plant, a company produces surfboards for an individual order, network platform for a transport agency and many more excellent ideas.
We would like to congratulate all prize winners, honored candidates and all competitors of "Gdynia Business Plan" for their superb ideas and we wish them good luck in economic reality of Gdynia.

Małgorzata Zeman
Photos: Paweł Lewinowicz, Referat Promocji i Turystyki UMG
(eng. Report of Promotion and Tourism, the City Hall of Gdynia)

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