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Galvanic and varnish coatings

Galvanizing plant specializes in applying different galvanic and varnish coatings on metal elements. These coatings not only protect but also play decorative role so that they can be found in many various places such as: banks, houses, gardens, carriages, ships, electric and electronic equipment.

To achieve high quality - we use the most modern technologies; we know how to achieve the best results. Our own sewage treatment plant enables reliable environment protection.

Galvanic coatings:

  • decorative chromium  plating
  • nickel plating
  • silver plating
  • tin plating
  • zinc plating.

Conversion and varnish coatings: :

  • aluminum anodizing
  • aluminum chromium  plating
  • steel phosphatizing
  • pulverize painting
  • painting with solvent colours

Galvanic and varnish coatingsi

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