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Mechanika Radmor

Mechanika Radmor offers: cases, cassis and component solution of the 19" system used in industrial automation and telecommunication.


  • component solution 19" systems- chassis with  accessories, racks, cases, cabinets, front panels, special  accessories
  • cases with higher capabilities to mechanical shocks
  • wide variety of mechanical accessories- radiators, shields,  fasteners as well as holders and brackets designed for electronics,  telecommunications, electrical engineering and construction industry
  • antennas for radiocommunication equipment
  • property protection components  cash feeders

Services in scope:

  • punching and bending plates on NC machines:
    # - 3mm, x -  800mm, y - 600mm
  • pressing on eccentric press with pressure up to 250 ton
  • milling on conventional and NC machines:
    X-630 mm; y-500  mm; z-500 mm
  • turning on automatic lathes: Φ - 50mm;
  • welding by pressure including non-ferrous metal
  • welding of metal (TIG and MIG methods)
  • making software for NC machines


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