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Modern and well-equipped production departments are ready to offer services in scope of:

  • Surface mounting technology (SMT)  using processes of reflow and double-wave soldering. MYDATA type:  MY15, pick & place machine is used for placing electronic  components;
  • Manual assembly of conventional  elements with a use of PRISMA Soltec double-wave soldering machine  which enables automatic soldering of miniature SMD components as  well as standard through-hole components
  • Wire cutting and stripping -  manually and automatically with Swiss automat KAPPA 225 KOMAX
  • Assembling of components, details  and products
  • Testing and adjustment of  electronic modules - manual or computerized. Electronic PC boards  can be tested automatically using a TERADYNE SPECTRUM tester
  • Equipment setting and adjustment -  manually or on computerized test benches. Products are automatically  tested and measured with STABILOCK radiocommunication testers
  • All products undergo environmental tests (climatic and  mechanical) in accordance with customers requirements

Notice - to avoid ESD damages, assembly rooms have special floors and assembly tables are also specially equipped

 Hutnicza 3, 81-212 Gdyni, Poland

tel.:  +4858 7655 800


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